Eco-friendly materials

In this day and age, it is increasingly important that everyone takes responsibility for the global impacts of their activities. Constant work is underway to develop more ecological materials and ways to promote sustainable development. We offer a wide range of ecological options from which customers can choose their favorites. Everyone can contribute to sustainable development in the world through their own choices.



Organic cotton is a better choice for the soil, ecosystems and human health, because it is produced by using natural cultivation processes instead of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms. The Clique Premium collection will soon introduce products made of organic cotton. The quality and fit of the garments equal those of other Clique Premium products, and the more
environmentally friendly production methods benefit both the environment and the people involved in production.



Recycled materials are made from used materials, for example PET bottles, which eliminates the need to manufacture new raw material. Craft’s best-selling Fuseknit Comfort Baselayer is now manufactured from recycled polyester. Thus, one of Craft’s global favorites is sustainably produced. Many other Craft garments are also made partly or entirely of recycled polyester or recycled polyamide. Several Cutter & Buck jackets contain PrimaLoft Black Eco® or Sustans® insulations. The PrimaLoft Black Eco® insulation is
made of 60 % recycled material. The Sustans® insulation is made of renewable DupontTM/Sorona® fibres, and its production process uses 30% less energy.


Spuned dyed.jpg

Spun-dyeing reduces the use of water by up to 85% and the use of chemicals by 75%. In addition, there are no toxic effluents, and
CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 50%. Spun-dyeing has been used for Craft and Clique garments, among others.