New Wave Group believes in sustainable growth. It is important for us to adapt business solutions that are financially profitable, but also sustainable from a social and environmental perspective.

The objective is to minimize any negative impact that could occur from our business and at the same time maximize the positive effects. We also want to help our customers make conscious purchasing decisions. Your decision matters for the world to succeed with the global sustainability goals. 

We work for sustainable development that:

  • Maximizes our contribution to globally agreed goals for sustainable development
  • Creates long-term value for the company
  • Takes stakeholders' expectations into account

Therefore, we integrate sustainability in the core of our every-day business operations. The work includes, amongst several things, to improve working conditions in the supply chain, cutting emissions of green-house gases and introducing organic and eco-friendly materials.

Full score in sustainability for New Wave Group!

In October 2019, Dagens Industri, the largest business newspaper in the Nordic countries, ranked 170 listed companies based on their approach to Agenda 2030 and the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. New Wave was one of eight companies to receive full marks. The companies had to demonstrate that they identify their impact on sustainable development
and that they are doing their best to contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2030.